Recording and sharing your Remembrance events

The online map of events for Remembrance Day for Lost Species is bursting with activities and commitments – diverse, experimental, private, public – it’s fantastic and so very exciting to imagine all of this shared consciousness swelling over the coming days. Thank you!

Please consider documenting the events that you organise or attend. Good images, video, audio or write-ups are an invaluable resource for growing this initiative.  With respect to audio documentation, we are considering pitching to ResonanceFM to their Clear Spot to do a radio show in coming months, reflecting on all the many wonderful ways that lost species are mourned. Being an online radio show, the programmes are then available for sharing. So, if this interests you, please gather whatever you can for that!

Social media storm: Your clips, texts and photos can be shared on Facebook, and on our Twitter feed @lostspeciesday, and then for wider spreading on social media.

Press: We can also encourage journalists to write articles that use these assets. (Please let us know if you have contacts or ideas!)

Blogposts: You are welcome to write blogposts about your events or projects for this Lost Species Day website. Having some documents will really help with this.

Of course, if you share your documents, please make clear how you like them to be attributed and shared. (Creative Commons terms are very helpful.)

Let’s raise awareness together, and speak for those who cannot.

Listen to some lovely audio footage from Megan Hollingsworth of ex.tinc.tion wit.ness speaking on Evolution Radio about Lost Species Day.

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