Our story & supporters

Remembrance Day for Lost Species was co-founded by Feral Theatre and The Life Cairn founders in 2011. It has no legal structure and is volunteer-led. The project administration is mainly carried out by ONCA co-director Persephone Pearl supported by ONCA staff Maddy Kelly and Lydia Heath, and the Feral Theatre co-directors Emily Laurens and Rachel Porter continue to steer the project.

Over the years it has evolved with invaluable help, guidance and inspiration from a range of thinkers and friends including but not limited to: Megan Hollingsworth, Matthew Stanfield, Camilla Schofield, Sadiah Qureshi,  Robert Macfarlane, Lex Titterington, Tom Daniell, Jessie Jessamy, Bridget McKenzie, Laura Coleman, Ellie Liddell-Crewe, Azul Valérie Thomé, Andreas Kornevall, Gerry Robinson, Shumaisa Khan, Nick Hunt, Nigel Rayment, Julia Peddie, Svenja Meyerricks, Cloe Ofori, Rebecca Leach, Jacob V Joyce, Michelle Murphy, Lydia Heath, Tricia Enns, Bex Anson, Vanessa Vine, Vera Zakharov, Robin Taylor, Charles Eisenstein, Matice Moore, Tj Demos, Madeleine Kelly, Ben Macfadyen, Mark Mandica, Mads Ryle, Lee Ismail, Grace Brindle, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Dougie Strang, Joel Greenberg, Dirk Campbell, Trebbe Johnson, Suzanne Dhaliwal, Sherrell CuneoSusuana Amoah, Katie Tume, Rabab Ghazoul, Beverly Naidus, Britt Wray, Jennifer Uchendu, Joshua Virasami, Imani Robinson, Isla Gladstone, Audra Mitchell.