2017 Events

Map of events for Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017. If you would like to organise an event this autumn, please email persephone@onca.org.uk and we will add it to the online map of events for Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017. You can also share on Facebook. And if you tell us, we’ll tweet about it via @LostSpeciesDay.

November 30th 2017 events:

  • Chicago, USA: Constellation Chicago, Benefit Concert, 7.30 – 10pm  https://www.facebook.com/events/831638697010219/
  • Heidelberg, Germany: Council of All Beings/ Work that Reconnects workshop for Lost Species Day
  • London, England: Winged Bench for Lost Species , Telegraph Hill Park, 10am -1pm https://www.facebook.com/events/141308823165135/
  • Pacific: Watch the Birdie! BirdLife International Pacific & Anniemalsartist are raising awareness of 9 critically endangered birds
  • Paris, France: Clown cabaret for Lost Species, venue TBC
  • Totnes, England: Building a Life Cairn
  • Montana, USA: Building a Life Cairn
  • Madrid, Spain: Bionic Festival multi-biological art project  – dance competition will take place at MADPHOTO in honour of Lost Species Day.
  •  Dorset, England: Village Hall, Wootton Fitzpaine – Vigil 6pm – midnight. Drop in or stay throughout
  • Blaenffos, Wales: Blaenffos Permaculture Market Garden,  Polytunnel Pilgrimage and Pollinator Pizzas 4-7pm. See www.vegetableagenda.co.uk
  • Brighton: Procession for Lost Pollinators. Meet at O N C A at 6pm https://www.facebook.com/events/152627825343110/

Other events in November

  • Melbourne, Australia, Oct 31 – Nov 10: To The Future Lost – exhibition by Gabbee Stolp & Michelle Stewart  https://www.facebook.com/events/1943519052560028/
  • Dublin, Ireland, November 4 -18: Bugonia – an exhibition of insect art by Nessa Darcy. At Bi Urban, 3 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin, Ireland D07 X054
  • Paradise Beach, Sacramento, CA, USA, Nov 12: Riverbank ritual and potluck – https://www.facebook.com/events/664282287109747/
  • Brighton, England, November 22 – December 10: Exhibition at O N C A – Ritual Burials & Extinct Icons by Mother Eagle
  • London, England, November 27: Luke Rollason’s Planet Earth – special performance for RDLS, Leicester Square Theatre, 8.30pm
  • Montreal, Canada, December 3: Redpath Natural History Museum – workshop for children.  Talk and tour of museum’s collection of extinction and endangered species, then participants can paint lost species, and the works will be exhibited for the duration of winter.

Some of 2016’s events

September 3rd, Embercombe: Thylacine Tribute Cabaret

September 7th, Brighton: Tasmanian Tiger Night at the Booth Museum

October 2nd, Brighton: Tolling the Bell for Lost Species for Rabb’s Fringe Limbed Tree Frog

October 4-8, London: Museum for Lost Stories/ thylacine memorial 

October 26th, Brighton: Beach clean and art session for children

October 29th, Haverfordwest:  Dance Macabre lantern parade for the thylacine

November 23- 30, Holocene Project, Colorado – tattooing for extinct species 

November 16-30, Memorials for the Future Lost, Victoria, Australia

November 27th, Glasgow: Tree Climb and Picnic for Extinct Lemurs

November 27th, Milton Keyes: Procession with Festive Road

November 28th, Remembering Lost Species with the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

November 30th, Alsager: Making a public memorial for Lost Species

November 30th, Maleny, Queensland: Remembrance ritual

November 390th, Deptford: Three Sheets to the Sea, performance ritual for the sea

November 30th, Bozeman, Montana: 108 Bell Rings 

November 30th, Brighton: Procession for Lost Species

November 30th, London: Dinner Dedicated to the Dear Dead Dodo

December 2nd, Brighton: Do You Speak Seagull? Zoomorphic poetry night

December 7th, Sheffield: Music and stories in Remembrance of Lost Species

December 10th, Finland: Remembrance ritual

Whitehall Funeral for Lost Species, 2010

Featured painting (top): Benjamin by Alexis Rockman, 2004
Painted using soil from Beaumaris Zoo, Hobart