RDLS 2019: Review of events

Here are a few of the variety of creative endeavours marking Remembrance Day for Lost Species November 30th, 2019.  For the full list of activities that took place around the world, visit https://www.lostspeciesday.org/?page_id=1434

Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands: Student participants got to know the stories of extinct animals and plants (Aurochs, Golden toad, Galapagos amaranth), as well as stories of successful species recovery (Spix macaw, Golden bamboo lemur, Hawksbill sea turtle, Rodrigues flying fox, White-backed vulture).

Participants discussed ways to protect species from extinction, and explored successful examples of such work.

Going, Going, Gone: exhibition and performance event at Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia

Poetry reading by extraordinary participants including Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth, Ross Gibson, Amanda Stewart, Clocks and Clouds, Virginia Hilyard, Gary Warner, Noelene Lucas, Juliet Fowler Smith, Simon Champ, Suzanne Bartos and Reject Theatre Group. Below are photos of the exhibition, Uncle Bill Shillingsworth, and Anne Casey.

Extinction Rebellion Redhill & Reigate made a cairn from these stones.

The Hunterian in Glasgow held a Night At The Museum. 

With a poetry workshop

Custom Folkestone held poetry readings by Jane Lovell & Chris Poundstone.

Kirklees Culture Declares held a pop-up climate emergency event, including community voting on projects for action.

Nancy Campbell wrote this piece for Dark Mountain in honour of Lost Species Day.

Judith Anketell created the Lament Lists installation, visualizing  listings and details of Endangered and Critically Endangered fish: https://twitter.com/i/status/1203303671452381184

Talking With Beasts & The Ash Project held a walking – reading group in the Wye valley, looking at the impact of Ash dieback on the ecosystem with a literature & arts lens.