2019 Events List

9/11/19 Sacramento Lost Species Day

16/11/19 Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 16th

22/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species @ Hungry Brain, Chicago

20/11/19 – 20/12/19 Events programme and exhibition at ONCA, Brighton

27/11/19 Remembrance Vigil for Lost Species, River Dart Wild Church, Dartington

29/11/19 Night at the Museum: Lost Species Scotland, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

30/11/19 Requiem for Lost Species, Chaldon, Caterham

30/11/19 Gathering & Ritual, Brighton

30/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species, Leiden

30/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species, Amsterdam

30/11/19 In Remembrance of Lost Species, Sheffield

30/11/19 Remembrance of Lost Species Gathering, Minnesota

30/11/19 Poetry for Lost Species, Seattle

1/12/19 SOS Sunday RDLS, Greensong Ecopsychology, St Kilda, Australia

30/11/19 Lost Species Day Story & Craft Session for children, Alford Library, Aberdeenshire, Scotland