2019 Events List

9/11/19 Sacramento Lost Species Day

16/11/19 Ljubljana, Slovenia, November 16th

22/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species @ Hungry Brain, Chicago

20/11/19 – 20/12/19 Events programme and exhibition at ONCA, Brighton

21/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2019, SUNY

27/11/19 Remembrance Vigil for Lost Species, River Dart Wild Church, Dartington

28/11/19 – mid December: World Museum – replica Great Auk and replica Great Auk eggs on display in the World Museum atrium. Liverpool, England

29/11/19 Night at the Museum: Lost Species Scotland, Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

30/11/19 Requiem for Lost Species, Chaldon, Caterham, England

30/11/19 Walking with Beasts for Lost Species Remembrance Day, Devil’s Trough, Ashford, England

30/11/19 Gathering & Ritual, Brighton, England

30/11/19 Siren Song, Stockport, England

30/11/19 Le jour du Souvenir pour les Espèces Perdues, Marseille, France

30/11/19 Dia memorial para las especies perdidas, La Janda, Spain

30/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species, Leiden, Netherlands

30/11/19 Remembrance Day for Lost Species, Amsterdam

30/11/19 In Remembrance of Lost Species, Sheffield, England

30/11/19 Remembrance of Lost Species Gathering, Minnesota, USA

30/11/19 Poetry for Lost Species, Seattle, USA

30/11/19 Lost Species Day procession, Kington Herefordshire, UK. Meet Planet B, 10.30am https://www.facebook.com/events/355254511972333/

30/11/19 Lost Species Day Story & Craft Session for children, Alford Library, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

30/11/19 Lost Species Day West Cork

30/11/2019 Lost Species Day Folkestone – poetry & art installation

30/11/19 Lost Species Day Walk, Belmont, MA, USA, 10am

30/11/19 RDLS candlelit vigil, Farnham

 30/11/19 NatureFiji-MareqetiViti launch of campaign to find the Kulawai (red throated lorikeet), with BirdLife International – Pacific Partnership 10am

30/11/19 RDLS New York City, steps of Natural History Museum

30/11/19 Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia – event

1/12/19 SOS Sunday RDLS, Greensong Ecopsychology, St Kilda, Australia

1/12/19 Totnes Life Cairn First bEARTHday

10/12/2019 Remembrance Day for Lost Species, Wageningen. Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands


Call for participants: Rather than focusing on a particular species story, Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2019 invites people to celebrate the ways that humans have named, loved and lived with their human and non-human kin. An aim of Lost Species Day 2019 is to highlight the histories and current importance of indigenous people and traditional cultures as ecological stewards.

The recorded names of now-extinct and endangered species were often given to them as part of the extractive colonial processes that are responsible for ecological crises worldwide. Many of these animals and plants would have had local names already, but what are they? Lost Species Day 2019 may offer participants paths to restorative knowledge and place-based practice through exploration of the local names, stories and knowledge of extinct and endangered species.